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Mutants for All


We know that a lot of people were waiting for the "Mutants For All" program, and really, this year we weren't able to open the list, but this project is a commitment that we made, and that we hope to be able to honor every year in some way.

It is clear that Handpan is still not accessible to the greatest of its admirers, for us this is a reality that must change, and therefore we decided to dedicate a small part of our production to give the opportunity to more people.

Every year we open a limited list, people who go through a selection process so that we can be fair, but this is something that takes a lot of time and energy, and this year we were very busy with new developments, so we had to change a little the format.

We will maintain the high discount rate, but the instruments will be available for immediate purchase.

Therefore, whoever makes contact first will take the instrument, we will be trusting people's conscience, as this program is intended for those who cannot afford to acquire a mutant model with such an extended scale.

This is the first model to be released for the program, and a very special one, made of a material we don't find of this quality anymore, carbon steel of a magic alloy.

We would also like to announce that we have a new member in our crew, Charles Pimentel, who created this jewel under our guidance and supervision, his talent as a builder can be noticed here, hope you enjoy it!

C# Aegean 18

C#3 / (E3) F3 (G3) G#3 (Bb3) C4 C#4 (E4) F4 G4

G#4 C5 C#5 (E5) F5 G5 G#5

4.157,00 € (Original Price)

- 30% OFF

2.910,00 €


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