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The Satya team has been creating something with great care over the last few months

It will be the first Handpan retreat in Brazil, an event that will bring a new way of gathering and making music!


All of this is in a comfortable space surrounded by profound nature, nourished by haute cuisine and experiences that we'll keep forever

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Handpan Gathering Brasil


The AWÁ Handpan Gathering Brasil was created with the aim of providing a deeper experience with this magical instrument.


An encounter to really withdraw and open up the possibility of disconnecting from the daily routine that often frames us in patterns that make it impossible for us to get in touch with our essence and our creative expression.


Then comes this dream and this strong desire for people to experience a more active dynamic where they both enjoy music and participate in it.


Therefore, we thought of a proposal where all participants are also members of the symphony. 


During these 3 days, participants will be able to experience a slightly different dynamic, throughout the retreat the concerts will be interspersed between solo presentations and collaborations between artists, inspiring participants for the next workshop, where the activities connect and complement each other.


But the highlight is the proposal to encourage and guide participants to form their own musical group, and to compose, using the tools acquired throughout the workshops, allowing them to put all into practice, and increasing the absorption of knowledge.


It will be incredible to see new talents emerge, and to celebrate the joy of being able to create together!

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