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​Instruments with soul


The word "Satya" derives from Sanskrit, and literally means "benevolent truth".
We believe that through the art of sound sculptures, we can express our truth here on earth, and complete our purpose in this existence, bringing to the world instruments of healing and elevation of the spirit, with high quality, and soul.



The name "Atma", which also derives from Sanskrit, means "Soul", or "Higher Self", described in ancient texts as being the core of human consciousness, so we chose this name to baptize our Handpan/Pantam, because through Satya (Truth) we can reach the Soul, imprinting truth, passion, and soul in our instruments.



Have you ever dreamed of being part of a handpan retreat in deep nature, learning from the best musicians in Brazil and still making music together with then?

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Scale Session

Explore the different scales and find your
next instrument

Surya Pantam

Here you will find much more
about this instrument that has future and past intersecting.

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The art of summoning the instrument's soul


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